Fast-track University Teaching Programme (F-UTP)

The Fast-track University Teaching Programme (F-UTP) gives you the skills you need to obtain the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ), which is recognized by all Dutch universities as proof of the ability to develop and teach courses at university level. Its content, structure and assessment criteria are similar to those of the University Teaching Programme (UTP), but everything is compressed into 5 sessions instead of 15.

Who is this programme intended for?

The Fast-track UTP is intended for teaching staff at universities in The Netherlands who have between five and ten years’ experience of teaching at university level and who do not have a Dutch secondary-school teaching qualification. It is shorter and more intensive than the standard UTP to take into account the experience you have already gained in teaching and course development at university level. 

During the Fast-track UTP, you will need to teach and record  at least two classes on video. You will need to have one such recording ready at the start  of the programme, and the other by the second peer review session (known as intervisie in Dutch). You can make these recordings yourself, or get someone to make them, using a digital video camera, iPad, iPhone or the like. You can also make use of an existing video recording (taken for instance from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s Canvas online learning platform), as long as you are clearly visible in the recording. At least part of the group you are teaching should preferably also be visible in the recording from time to time. Please note that a recording of a lecture or tutorial is suitable for this purpose, but not one showing individual tuition.

The F-UTP for teaching staff at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is also available in Dutch, see BKO-verkort for further details.
For teaching staff at universities who have less than five years’ experience of teaching in a university context and/or do have a first-level teaching qualification for secondary school teaching, there are also other UTQ variants available, see University Teaching Programme (UTQ).


The F-UTP consists of three components:

  • Teaching Practice
    Two sessions are devoted to the discussion and practice of teaching in small peer review groups. You and other participants will view video recordings of yourself and other participants teaching groups of students, and will discuss them.
  • Course Design
    Three sessions are devoted to Course Design, including the development of an effective assessment procedure for a given course component.
  • Supervising students
    You analyze your practice as a supervisor of individual or small groups (2-5) of students and during the course meetings you will have the opportunity to practice specific situations. Within the theme of supervising students, emphasis is put on topics such as being able to tailor the supervision style to the needs of the individual student, giving constructive feedback and adequately combining the roles of supervisor and assessor.


The UTP will teach you how to employ active learning techniques, allow you to practise these techniques and to develop or modify one of your own courses. You will receive close supervision from one of the staff developers at the LEARN! Academy and feedback from a member of the teaching staff at your own faculty (your tutor) and from a peer group of UTQ candidates who are taking the UTP alongside you. The group work allows you and your fellow participants to learn from one another’s experiences. These sessions will be devoted to work on your own projects. Based on your own teaching practice, you will deliver two final assignments – one on teaching practice and one on course (re)design. You need to attend all sessions in this fast-track programme. The timing of the individual final assessments will be planned in consultation with your staff developer. 

Faculty tutor
A tutor will be involved in the assessment of your assignments. We would advise you to choose an experienced member of teaching staff from your own faculty or department for this purpose. This tutor should preferably already have the UTQ certificate, though this is not absolutely essential. The tutor will fill in the UTQ Assessment Tool on the basis of the assignments you have completed, observation of your teaching and other relevant factors, and will also be present during the assessment interview. Fulfilment of these duties will take approximately three hours in total. When you have found a tutor, you should email him or her the Instructions for the tutor, the UTQ Assessment Tool and the contact details of the staff developer in charge of the programme.

Assessment and final assignments

During the Fast-track UTP, you will be supervised by a staff developer from the VU Academic Centre for Human Behaviour and Movement and will receive feedback from your tutor and from a peer group of UTQ candidates who are taking the F-UTP alongside you. At the end of the programme, you will have an assessment interview with your staff developer and your faculty tutor, during which the results of your teaching assignment and your course development assignment will be discussed with reference to the criteria laid down in the UTQ Assessment Tool. If you pass, you will email a number of documents to the UTQ Examination Board as proof that you have mastered the required teaching practice and course design skills. The Examination Board reviews the documents it receives ten times a year. On approval, the UTQ can be registered in the staff database. Members of teaching staff who have successfully completed the programme receive their UTQ certificate at a ceremony held twice a year (in October/November and in March/April) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. If you are unable to attend the ceremony, the certificate will be sent to your work address.

Practical information

Number and duration of classes5 half-day consecutive sessions, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm or 1 pm – 4 pm.
The total duration of Fast-track UTP programme is about 4 months, including individual final assignments in own teaching setting.
Date and time of sessionsThe next Fast-track UTP group will start in the spring of 2021. Please register via the online registration form below. You can find the schedule here.
Study load50-100 hours, including 35-85 hours of independent study, depending on teaching experience.
Staff developers
LocationVU LEARN! Academy
Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouw, 6th floor
De Boelelaan 1111,1081 HV Amsterdam
PriceTeaching staff at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: € 75.00 (administration costs)
Standard price: € 2,500.00 
RegistrationPlease fill in the UTQ Registration Form. You will receive a confirmation of registration by email. Your staff developer will send you further details shortly before the start of the programme. for information on registration, planning and payment.