BKO-module 3: Supervising students

BKO-module 3: Supervising students

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For whom

This module is intended for non-Dutch-speaking lecturers or PhD candidates who are involved in supervising students in writing their Bachelor or Master thesis. It is also open to those who do speak Dutch but who prefer to take a module in English together with international colleagues. 
This module is one of the core modules within the BKO trajectory for UvA lecturers.


After this module, you are able to:

  • adapt supervision and assessment to the goals of the supervision trajectory;
  • give constructive feedback;
  • adequately combine the roles of supervisor and assessor;
  • tailor your style of supervision to the needs of the individual student;
  • deal effectively with challenging cases;
  • limit the amount of time you invest to acceptable levels.


This module focuses on how participants can act most effectively in their roles of supervisor and assessor during a supervision trajectory. Ways of giving feedback are discussed: which are most supportive to the student’s learning and which have less effect. Different models and styles of supervision are explored and common problems discussed. Participants will be equipped with tools for efficient supervision and have the opportunity to practice with difficult situations such as conveying negative feedback. This means the module provides a mix of theoretical perspectives and hands-on practice.


This workshop consists of a day and a closing session of half a day. Course dates for 2017-2018 will be published.


2016-2017: € 695,-





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For further information on course content, please contact:
Karen van Oyen
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For practical questions, please contact:

Ronny Toers Bijns
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