Teaching Support Desk

Loket onderwijsvragen vu docenten

Ever since the lockdown was imposed on March 13, teachers at the VU have worked hard to set up online classes and to conduct online assessments as quickly as possible. Face-to-face meetings and brainstorms with fellow teachers were suddenly not an option anymore; all work had to be done from home in online spaces.

We are now shifting towards the next phase, a phase in which the majority of our education takes place online but gradually moves to a blended form. Blended forms offer you the opportunity to maintain the quality of education under varying circumstances. This change requires us to structurally redevelop our education, which involves important questions that we’d like to discuss with a number of colleagues and within our teams, sometimes maybe even under the guidance of an expert. It’s also possible you have small questions regarding online and blended education that just need a quick answer.

For all these questions you can reach out to the experts of the LEARN! Academy by contacting our brand new Teaching Support Desk through onderwijsvragen.learnacademy@vu.nl.
The colleagues from LEARN! Academy cover many areas of expertise regarding academic education, such as educational design, didactics, assessment, student counseling, group dynamics, inclusivity, blended learning, coaching and much more. Your question will be answered by one of these experts. Sometimes by email, other times by phone. In some instances it is possible to get short-term coaching on the job, take part in a workshop, or to join a community of colleagues who are dealing with similar questions.
You can expect a response to your question within two working days.

Contact Online & Blended Teaching Desk.